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Electric bike conversion kits

We service all styles of bicycles: mountain, road, recumbents, comfort, old and new. Lakes Region Cyclery carries an inventory that will most likely keep you pedaling:

chains, tires, tubes, pedals, forgotten helmets & gloves. We are known for our thorough tune ups.

We can special order items. You can browse our supplier catalog to add to your wish list.

​We do not sell or rent bicycles at this time but we can do a build up customized to you.

​Are the hills getting too steep? Is the trip just too long? Are you keeping up with the rest of the group?

An electric bike conversion kit might just be the right answer for you.

​Lakes Region Cyclery is now a dealer for Lectric Cycles and can provide the most powerful mid drive conversion kits. These kits are compatible with most bicycles on the market so, if you like your bike, you can keep it and still upgrade to an electric bike. Full bike models are also available. Call Lakes Region Cyclery at 603-253-7436for information and details or visit online: